Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Fall Day in Poulsbo

Tip #1:  The Department of Licensing in Poulsbo is line!
Tip #2:  Go around noon and then head down to the waterfront and explore.

Our first stop was the Portside Pub, cozy little place on the water where I had a cup of creamy clam chowder and a smoked salmon bloody mary!  Yes, a smoked salmon bloody mary.  Alaska Distillery makes smoked salmon vodka.  I'm not sure what else you would do with it (ohhh except I just started imagining a vodka cream sauce over pasta) but the bloody mary was amazing and had a wonderful salty taste of smoked salmon.  Next was Tizleys Euro Pub.  It really sets the tone when you have to go down a little alley and up some tiny it!  Like a little hidden space overlooking the downtown.  Great selection of beers for Oktoberfest, we had the sampler (let the bartender choose), this earthy sausage, onion and potato dish and a glass of wine and our bill was...are you ready for this.....only $16.82 with tax and all!  Rachel Ray should be putting this stop on her $40 a day thing.  Walked around the antique shops and then had a craving for a slice of pizza.  What was so interesting about this little pizza shop was that I asked the lady behind the counter what made her open a pizza place (inquiring minds..blah blah blah) and she points at her husband and kind of smiles so I direct my question to him.  He says, "hey my dad had an abundance of good wood thought I could make wood fired pizza and have an endless supply".  Turns out dad didn't really have an "endless" supply of wood but they are still making pizza.  Interesting what makes people take a certain "fork" in the culinary road.   


wmstuart said...

I love this blog idea! We went to Poulsbo in August by boat. Great boat friendly town! Ryan loved the wood fire pizza. If you're eating in Poulsbo, a MUST stop is the Sluys Bakery.
Wendy and Paul

Jason said...

I would like to reiterate that there was no one, and I mean no one at the poulsbo DOL on saturday except four state employees waiting to help me. It was a glorious waste of tax dollars, all for my benefit...and I scarfed it right up.. There is also little to no threat of getting shanked on the way in or out. I tried tacoma and federal way, but didn't have the courage to get out of the truck. So if you wanna renew your mugshot on your license, it's a good reason to take a little trip to poulsbo.