Saturday, October 30, 2010

My love affair with Robin Hood

A drive out to Hood Canal is one of my favorite things to do.  It's so beautiful, every stop along the way serves oysters and it's a bit long so it's easy to convince yourself you need to stay overnight at Alderbrook! The best part though is an enchanted dinner at The Robin Hood Restaurant and Pub.  I mean once you are inside the place absolutely looks and feels like a cozy cottage in an enchanted forest.   Ahhh...the feelings of a love affair, driving long distances just for a brief interlude of deliciousness!  I absolutely love the farm to plate salad, all locally grown lettuce varieties and goat cheese with seasonal berries, hazelnuts, beets and a champagne vinaigrette!  My boyfriend (yes he is aware of my love affair with Robin Hood) had the elk flank steak florentine and I felt so conflicted...this is wonderful, but I want that too!  It was perfectly cooked with spinach, rosemary and a rich mushroom sauce.  Last year around this time we had an amazing pumpkin cobbler and I will definitely need to go back as soon as they have it again...I'm told they will soon.  They have open mic night in the pub on Wednesday evenings (with some really talented musicians) and heading out there on a weekend afternoon (they don't open until 4) it's a gloriously wonderful romantic moment in time!

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