Saturday, November 6, 2010

Heading to Brix 25 - Home is Where the Heart Is

  • We actually are heading to Brix 25 right now, thought I would write a few words before we left.  If I am having a love affair with Robin Hood Restaurant and Pub and then I am definitely in a committed relationship with Brix 25 in Gig Harbor.  I could go on and on with all the things that are right about this restaurant and wine bar, but I think that the thing most restaurants are missing and is the hardest to achieve is a sense of welcoming and warmth. Brix is an award winning restaurant and has every right to be snooty about that, but thankfully they are not.  They have an amazing wine list and everyone is extremely well versed in what makes for a great pairing or just helping you find something you will like but they are just as excited about the less expensive wines because they have been chosen with the same amount of care.  They have a happy hour in their wine bar that goes until 7:00 (which actually gives you time to get off work and enjoy it) and has several plates in the $6-$8 range and glasses of wine for $5.   The lamb meatballs and the ahi poke are my favorites.  But let's get down to it...the boeuf bourguinon is hearty hominess at it's best!  It's drizzling and kind of foggy and all I can think about is that plate of rich goodness with a glass of meaty red wine.   I have made a pact with myself that whenever we go to Brix I do not make a snap decision to order my favorite because inevitably I hear the specials and they are unfailingly something inventive and wonderful.  If it is elk or lamb, order it!  The Dining Out in the Field with Peace of the Earth Farm that we attended in September was a lovely night with so many courses of wonderful locally grown food, that I lost count.  A beet became a whole new vegetable to me.  Don't miss an opportunity to attend this event next summer.  Go to Brix, celebrate something, have complimentary sparkling wine and feel at home!  See you there!
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Anonymous said...

Most definitely a very warm and welcoming atmosphere - how can it be anything else when you are greeted by a lovely glass of proseco! All worries disappear with the first (complementary!) bubble....perfect way to refocus the day on more sensous delights.