Sunday, December 5, 2010

Burger Battle...can there really be a loser?

The first quandry was where to start?  So many bountiful burgers!  Do you just do beef...buffalo? Are they that different?  I got a little overwhelmed so I decided to start with beef and I'm thinking some of the amazing seafood options might be next, I'm having visions of oyster burgers!  Anyway, back to the beef.  You know if you are going to do burgers just go big or go home so Blazing Onion here I come!  Oh my garantanuan gastronomical goodness!  The Triple XL Burger (very aptly named) is 3 patties for a total of 2 lbs of beef.  I have to admit I didn't actually eat the whole thing, I had to call in the troops.  I had two patties (sans bun) and my boyfriend ate the rest, well I guess I did have a few of those yummy sweet potato fries.  This burger is huge so it gets definite testosterone points for that and it has a great sauce and all the regulars..bacon, cheese, tomato...really satisfying.  You just feel like you conquered something when you have this beefy boy!  

But let's be's just toooooo much! Yes, there can be too much of a good thing, unless you are a family of four! 
Let's talk about the place that you have to talk about when you talk about anything to do with beef...El Gaucho.  I know, you don't really think burger but I am here to tell you to think again.  Happy Hour...$8.00...burger heaven!  Crispy bun, spices, burger nirvana!  If you want fries it's an extra whopping $3.  El Gaucho happy hour runs all night on Mondays and until 6 all other weeknights.  So's an experience that is perfect on these rainy nights, (parking is ample none of those new meters, it's free). 
Okay, what do you think about when you think about burgers?  Beer!  What do you think about when you think about beer... the Parkway.  Their bun is a little wimpy but their burger is exactly what you expect from a burger....cheesy beefy goodness and you taste the beef...not the grill!
Let's just roll the dice, go somewhere not famous for burgers but just good food...the Varisty Grill.  Here is where the surprise happens.  Burgerfrickenmazing!  Bacon and blue cheese...yeah..would you like fries with that?  How about fries and onion rings?  How about onion rings on your burger...why would anyone say no to that?  Great bun (I know I place too much importance on the bun but I'm a carb addict) and two huge patties.  If I had to say anything it was that I could taste that it was cooked on a gas grill, so turn it down but really it was great and the bartender was really friendly and helpful, making sure I ordered the fries which I was glad I did! 

There is no substitute to a great all american burger on a great bun!  There can be no loser in a good burger competition (well, I guess there can be but I just don't consider some of them to even be in the running if you know what I mean).  This was fun and I definitely satisfied my burger craving...what burger is next?  Salmon, oyster.....after all this beef now I'm craving seafood!

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