Friday, February 18, 2011

Simons - Strip mall on the outside delicious surprise on the inside!

Okay am I really in Port Orchard? Wow! This tastes like some of the best Thai and Vietnamese in Seattle.  Started out with fresh spring rolls that I have a new appreciation for since I tried making them myself!  Thai basil prawns were sweet and spicy with huge chunks of crispy jalapenos.  Seafood chow fun was an absolutely bountiful ocean of squid, scallops, prawns, bok choy with big soft wide noodles...I couldn't stop eating it!  The curry eggplant was a gorgeous contrast of the purple eggplant and the bright yellow curry that was perfectly spicy.   No I didn't eat all that myself I had the help of good girlfriends!  On Piperberry off of Bethel Port Orchard, next time you are here make this a destination. Wonderful!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful review. Thanks!

Skelly said...

I'll have to agree this was a delicious meal!