Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No SoBe So.... NewBe!

I couldn't make it to Miami for the South Beach Food and Wine festival so I headed to Newport for the Seafood and Wine fest....maybe not exactly the same but who needs Michael Symon and his fancy burgers anyway?!
I am a certified seafoodaphile so I was in heaven surrounded by the abundance of seafood at this event.  I did have my priorities straight however and headed to Mo's first! If you don't already know, Mo's is an institution started by the "crusty, big hearted chain smoking mother of Newport".  This is not some glammed up gourmet food stop.  This is the Pacific Northwest seafood that I grew up on without any added trendy ingredients.  Don't under estimate it's creamy pure flavor, Mo's chowder was a featured entree at the first luncheon ever held at the Smithsonian which celebrated "The Best American Regional Foods".  The chowder emphasizes the clams and comes with a big pat of butter on top!  I was horrified when one of my dining companions scooped hers off...I wanted to tell her to just give me her chowder and why didn't she just order a bowl of bean sprouts or something!  Of course I followed the chowder with fresh dungeness crab...pure heaven for this Northwest girl!
The vast array of yummy choices at the Seafood and Wine fest are too numerous to list but if you go next year don't miss the asparagus farm and their HUGE dungeness crab chile rellenos or the tamales.  Sipping wine and eating seafood makes me oh so happy; however, I don't think I would have been happy if we had gone on Saturday when I heard there were times you couldn't even get in the door but this quintessential Northwest Sunday was perfect.

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