Friday, February 18, 2011

BITE This! The sudden death of the lobster corn dog

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the lobby bar at the Murano.  You are surrounded by stunning glass art and you always meet someone interesting.  The Murano on Broadway in Tacoma is on the Conde Nast Travelers Gold List of the 504 best hotels in the world!  Hey, I always knew I had good taste!  There is something different about a bar in a hotel, people are traveling away from home so they are more inclined to get to know the people around them.  More often than not when sitting at the lobby bar, the entire bar is having a conversation....led by the vibrant bartenders Kristy, Debra and Chris.  The other great thing is that you can just wander upstairs to BITE and there is another beautiful bar and restaurant with some good food at a decent price. 
When you open a menu what is the thing that disappoints you the most?  Mine is when there isn't anything on there that I haven't had before.  I want to be intriqued not bored.  Well, open up the menu at BITE and say, "lobster corn dog".  Now that is something you don't get just anywhere!  So imagine my sense of mourning when as I was working on this blog I learn about the sudden death of the lobster corn dog!  Nobody knows what day they seemed fine and poof they were gone!  So I have developed a twelve step program to help us all heal:

Step one:  Cocktail at the lobby bar...stimulating conversation, great laughs (great for healing the hurt).
Step two:  Up the stairs to BITE.  Start with the lobster corn dogs  the spicy prawns which really aren't as spicy as they could be but are better than the fried green tomatoes that were dry, hard and unrecognizable.  These should have been taken off the menu and saved the lobster corn dogs!
Step three:  Have the lobster pot pie as a rich homage to the dogs!
Step four:  Don't skip dessert...they have milkshakes!
Step five:  Back to the a room.
Step six:  Have Kristy make you a decadent coffee drink so that you don't slip into a food coma.
Step seven:  Ogle at all the gorgeous art on your way to your room !
Step eight:  Breakfast...oh my god! Limoncello cured salmon on a toasted bagel with tomato, cream cheese and capers!
Step nine:  Go to Savi Day Spa right in the hotel and get a relaxing massage
Step ten:  Take your time checking out and take some pictures of the gorgeous glass art.
Step eleven:  Try the fries and mushroom zinfandel gravy with gorgonzola cheese.  The concept of fried and gravy just sounds so wonderful that you have to try it and make your own decision.  I found the gravy way too salty that was a really dark brown color that made the pile of fries look like unappetizing mud and the gorgonzola cheese was barely there.  They might be a good hangover cure though!
Step twelve:  If you did all that you better take a walk down to the Glass Museum and back whilst (there's a word you don't get to use much) "thanking me" and praying for the resurrection of the lobster corn dog!
This is a great place to experience, especially on a Tuesday or Thursday when it's BITE night...lots of the appetizers are only $5, but don't miss having a cocktail in the Lobby Bar where you can get appetizers as well and the vibe is much more vibrant.  Pretend like you're from out of town and experience a local luxury!

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