Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bainbridge Island Nibbles

Bainbridge Island Nibbles
Just as a quick note before my nibbles of Bainbridge.  I am going to be doing a lot more short mobile blogs.  I think it will be a lot more fun just giving you my quick impressions on the run.  Not that I won't also do longer blogs about bigger topics but there are a lot of times where I just try a great place and want to say...go here!!  So here we go!
There are lots of great places to try on Bainbridge Island and we have just begun!
First was a really great sounding place called The Harbour Public House, anything called public house peaks my interest.   We had the Classic Montreal Poutine that was described as having Mt Townsend creamery cheese curd and house made gravy.  The fries were overcooked, the gravy was bland and the cheese was cold and disappointed!  The Smoked Salmon Tartine (French open faced sandwich) was okay but the house smoked salmon was dry and the dressing under the greens was too heavy on the vinegar to be any help.  Overall I wasn't terribly impressed with the Harbour Public House, swarms of flies, lackluster service and blah food, which is a shame because its such a great waterfront location.  Harbour Public House, 231 Parfitt Way SW, Bainbridge Island.
Our little excursion was definitely redeemed at the next stop, Cafe Nola.  Bacon wrapped peaches with gorgonzola cheese and a lovely glass of Chardonnay absolutely appealed to my love of the sweet savory combination.  Great little neighborhood to walk around and try different places.  Cafe Nola, 101 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island.
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